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Smoke DZA, Fly Anakin & Blu connect on “Head Above Water”

To celebrate this past weekend's Record Store Day 2018, Ohio-based funk and soul label Colemine Records, and the Brooklyn-based indie hip-hop label Coalmine Records teamed up for a limited-edition 7-inch release, “Head Above Water.” The venture boasts a new soul jazz groove from the LA-based funk & soul collective, The Rugged Nuggets, B/W a reinterpretation of the track, flipped by Coalmine’s go-to producer, Small Professor, which features blistering verses from Smoke DZA, Fly Anakin and Blu, with cuts by the incomparable DJ Revolution.

The release is split into 2 sides with the Cole Side showcasing the powerful jazz instrumentation by The Rugged Nuggets. The 7 man live band bring that vintage funk and jazz sound to the forefront. The flip side known as the Coal side represents a coast-to-coast hip-hop flight as DZA kicks things off by putting on for his hometown of Harlem in a major way. His verse is pure braggadocio-tinged flames and brimming with bars, among them his NY Jets-referencing closing line of “I’m Broadway Joe with my mink on drag.” Mutant Academy’s Fly Anakin and Blu come through with the slickness to keep the energy on max. DJ Rev, on the other hand, provide the link between the scorching verses with a hook filled with quotables from Nas, M.O.P, A.Z and more.

COLE Side: The Rugged Nuggets - “Head Above Water”
COAL Side: Smoke DZA, Fly Anakin & Blu - “Head Above Water (feat. DJ Revolution)"
Get the audio on Bandcamp and Smart URL (Digital/Vinyl) 

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