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Australian producer Mlapa is making beats inspired by "Ice Coffee"

Coming from across the seas, Australian electronic producer and songwriter Tom Walker aka Mlapa is taking the internet today with an extra chilled out, beat-heavy single "Ice Coffee." In other words, he wants you to kick off your morning with a refreshing boost. Regarding the caffeine-inspired title, Mlapa cheekily states, "The title is much less profound than most of my other work… the truth is, every day I start off by driving around the corner to pickup an ice coffee. I came home that morning and wrote this track in one sitting, which is something that is quite rare for me. When I was sitting there looking for a name to bounce out the track, the only thing sitting in front of me was my ice coffee from that morning. That's how it got it's name”.
While the story behind the name may sound mediocre to the artist, we like to think that easy beats are the best way to start the day. This track is one to kick off any good morning and put you in a solid mood. Get yourself a coffee, and give it a go above. 
Connect with Mlapa: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


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