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Eyeda Sophia is making verbal maneuvers on "Moving Day"

Spoken word poet Eyeda Sophia's newest effort "moving day" is an introspective piece of art that dwells on a certain period in her life. Eyeda explains further that the song, which is part of her 'Much love' music series help provide the much-needed closure to when she was yearning for growth and a sense of belonging. Over the head nodding boom-bap backdrop provided by producer  Tresrose, Eyeda details her journey for knowledge of self, switching between her spoken word form to rapping and spicing it up with some melodic parts as well. Vocally she reminds us of a young Heather B mixed with Yo-Yo.

As a social activist, she is always working towards dismantling the ignorance that persists around her, especially as a woman, POC, and member of LGBTQ+. Eyeda has hosted several cyphers in Toronto, including the ‘Black Timbs Black Hoodie’ competition and the ‘Summer Cypher’. She currently has two records titled ‘Much Love’ and ‘Much Love pt.2’.

Connect with Eyeda Sophia : Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Instagram

Experimental · Hip-Hop · Indie


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