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DJ Seinfeld surfaces on Deep Sea Frequency with the Sakura EP

A year or so ago in one of the rare instances I used Spotify's artist radio function, the app truly delivered for me in the form of DJ Seinfeld. Whilst listening to Mall Grab's artist radio, I stumbled upon the lo-fi wonderment that is Armand Jakobsson with the track in question being 'Always I Come Back To That' on Lobster Fury. The raw and emotional sound of the music appealed to me, and in 2017 during an emotional and trying time in my life, the lonely and despondent sounds of Jakobsson's debut album 'Time Spent Away From U' became a mainstay in my listening. It also became a mainstay in conversation whilst I gushed about how beautiful it was to anyone who listened. Now, DJ Seinfeld has once more given me the opportunity to pour over four brand new tracks in the form of his Sakura EP.

Released last Friday 13th April via label Deep Sea Frequency, Seinfeld's Sakura EP is a collection of four tracks "exploring the balance between fragility and force" through his signature distortive style with breaks, electro, dub and trance influence. Opening with the A1 'Sakura' is a wash of crackling beats and a haunting vocal, taking an unexpected transition into a electro number stacked with emotion. 'Sagrada' follows the title track, serving as the A2 offering of a completely contrasting track with bouncy drums and melodic, dub sounds layered to create an immersive music tool suitable for both warm up sets and to break up a peak time delivery. Third track 'Belvedere' pairs breakbeat and a serious bassline, with the closer 'Battery' sounding slightly more like the lo-fi DJ Seinfeld we have become accustomed to - all be it with a wave in the direction of Detroit.

DJ Seinfeld's Sakura EP is out now on Deep Sea Frequency and available to purchase via Lobster Records.

Connect with DJ Seinfeld: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud



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