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The M Machine member goes on to debut new Dog Logic project with 'Higher Order Functions'

We know The M Machine for their new wave take on electronic music, but now, one of their members, Andy Coenen, has solidified his 2015 departure from the band with a new release from his project Dog Logic. Originally leaving the band to pursue his interest/love for technology, he's returned solo with Dog Logic and a full LP entitled Higher Order Functions. With that proper of a title, we can also hear these influences throughout the music he's put forth.

Higher Order Functions begins with a nice blend between indie and electronica, with acidic and mind-bending synths on the EP's title track. More nu disco cuts also get us going, including on "Heartbeats," prog on "Ants Army," and darker and deeper venues on "Frog Song." The project closes with the gorgeous piano and synth combinations on "Sweetlights." A well-rounded project, it's streaming above and via Spotify as well.

Connect with Dog Logic: SoundCloud



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