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Dooqu delivers a narrative of impactful sound design on "My Darling"

Danish producer Dooqu has made a strong play for fan's hearts with buoyant releases such as "Letting Go" with Trove and his recent flip of KVMO and Massive Vibes’ "Physical" featuring Ashdown. The young talent's newest offering "My Darling" just landed on CloudKid, and the vibe is infectious. "My Darling" is a moodier offering than we have thus seen from the artist, brining a certain emotional depth to his signature cinematic sound design. "When I first heard the vocal, I was amazed by the passion behind it," explains Dooqu "I wanted to enhance this feeling and take it further by chopping it up and give it a Dooqu touch. Everything was created around that." Recalling the beauty of Dooqu's hometown in the Danish countryside, "My Darling" will transport listeners with its minimal yet emotionally stirring composition. 

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