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DJ Sliink's "Text Ur Number" remix sends love to the 201 and 973

It's a big weekend for Jersey. Not only is the internet abuzz with the new season of Jersey Shore, DJ Sliink, an original Jersey Club superstar, releases the his remix-that's-really-the-original mix of the worldwide smash hit "Text Ur Number," featuring fellow Jersey sensation Fetty Wap and DJ Envy, out of Queens.

It's easy to appreciate when others remain devoted to their city, even if it's not exactly the coolest place on earth to claim. Both Fetty and Sliink have unwaveringly repped their ties to the often maligned "it's not NYC" corner of the country known as Jersey, Dirty Jersey, Jerz, or any other variation thereof. During a chance meeting at SXSW when "Trap Queen" was rocking the airwaves, Fetty Wap reaffirmed his hometown promise to get Sliink on one "for the streets and for Jersey!" How can you not love that loyalty rooted in the literal common ground they have?  They hit the studio a few months later in Patterson, NJ and spent the next 4-6 months spinning different versions.

While the initial release was engineered to become a massive worldwide hit, this one is all Jersey. From the thirty second plus intro to the frequent use of the rubber ducky sample, this is Jersey club at it's dramatic, erratic, and unexpectedly groovy best.

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