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Unge Ferrari shows a "Hjerteløs" side of himself [Video]

In the video for his latest release “Hjerteløs” (translate to “Heartless”), Unge Ferrari sings, "Keep lying to myself, with no conscience. Just have to let it go, I can do nothing about it." The second single off his late 2017 album Romeo Må Dö  features mid-80s-inspired synth-laced production courtesy of Filip Kollsete (1/2 of Loveless).

"Hjerteløs" is a song dealing with the egocentric side of humans in love visualized through a stellar half-animated music video, directed by Axel Lavin. "We wanted to create a mysterious universe where Unge Ferrari's dark thoughts battles his shiny, Cassanova facade," says Lavin. In Unge Ferrari's words, “I wanted to channel my inner dark side and really let my ego talk on a production that feels authentic and old." 

Unge Ferrari came out of nowhere and burst onto the Norwegian music scene with his critically acclaimed debut EP Til Mine Venner in 2015. The album was described by critics as uncomplicated yet impressive, and earned him  numerous accolades including his first Norwegian Grammy nomination.
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