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Alison Wonderland's sophomore album, 'Awake' is out now

We don't see artists debut with an album nearly as much as we did in the pre-digital age. One of the last artists to really do so, especially in the electronic world, was Alison Wonderland. Run picked up momentum, eventually becoming a breakout hit, overall, for the Australian artist. Since, Wonderland has amassed a tightly knit swath of fans, and with new releases few and far between and leaving fans to salivate at the next nod of newness from her, and to rally around her rousing live shows.

Awake is as mature of a record as it is vulnerable. Starting out the album wondering, "Is It Good Enough?" on the intro track, the music moves between that harder, dubbier sound we see in her live perfromances, and between downtempo tracks like "Church," "No," and "Okay." Pop is surprisingly prevalent in this album, but its melancholy lyrics make the emotion and angst front and center, and of course, ripe for the remixing.

Check out 'Awake' streaming above, via Universal Music. Also catch Alison Wonderland at Coachella later this month.

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