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Loren North releases visuals for new electro-pop single "In Too Deep" [Video]

Los Angeles-based pop artist Loren North has been hustling hard in the studio these past few months working on evolving her new found sound and today she's released a brand new video for her single titled, "In Too Deep." Check it out below: 

North continues to deliver a sultry indie pop sound that typically leaves fans mesmerized but this time around she's added a dancier EDM flare. Though the added EDM sounds are a new direction from her past indie-pop styles, North's dazzling vocals still take the center stage in this latest track. 
"This song has a slight drop in the hook, and that’s something new for me. I told myself I wouldn’t do heavy EDM elements with my songs but I think this one brings a happy medium. But most importantly, the feeling of this song gives off a warning. It's really yelling “trust your intuition” and that voice in your head that might tell you that something isn’t right within a relationship. When you’re deep into a toxic relationship, you can’t see if you’re being controlled or manipulate quite as easily then the beginning when you aren’t “too deep” in yet. It’s a fun song to listen to, but I’m definitely trying to express this deeper meaning to my listeners. You’ll see this expressed in the video too. Honestly, if I’m thinking about it, I wish I could’ve heard a song like this to help me second-guess the situations I was in in the past. It probably would’ve helped pull me out of some messes. This brings me a sense of meaning with releasing the song." Loren North
The video truly captures an old-school Hollywood classic style, similar to the elegant charm found in North's music. This is an artist who first got her start opening for acts like Oliva Holt and since then has quickly come into her own vocal abilities creating an enchanting pop sound that's quickly lured in fans left and right (myself included). If North can continue highlighting more of the earnest songwriting found in the deeper lyrics of tracks like "In Too Deep" while keeping that enchanting vocal delivery, and keeping out anymore formulaic EDM add-ins, then we can't wait to hear what this continually promising artist will have in store for us in 2018. 
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