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Alison Wonderland debuts new track and video ahead of forthcoming album

Alison Wonderland is one of the most en vogue DJ's of her time, especially now. After closing out 2017 with an impressive tour backed by Microsoft-engineered visuals, the Australian-born, LA-residing producer has announced her next big project: an album.

Alison Wonderland came onto the electronic scene with an impressive breakout album, Run, in 2015. Since, she's remained remarkably at the forefront of music news for releasing fairly few original singles, until "Happy Place" in 2017. Her stay at the top, though, has been dominated by her live performances, including the upcoming historic one at Coachella, where she'll be the highest billed female DJ ever each weekend in April. 

Today, we're seeing the first new music from Wonderland in 2018 with a track called "Church." Debuted with a visual component, this track sees her making a move that at first might seem like just another DJ turning to future pop, but isn't that at all. The track keeps her trademark grittiness, and sees her lyrics and vocals deal with self esteem and in her own relationships - issues close to her.  As comes with fame comes anxiety and she's used this song to tell her journey, about “realizing your self-worth, when the person you’re with doesn’t.”

“I just wanted to go bigger and really push myself,” and we are sure we can hear more of that when her new album AWAKE is due out later this year via Astralwerks.

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