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Stolar falls in love all over again in "Suburbia"

Falling in love is a beautiful thing. That instant connection you have with that special someone is unique and fleeting. However, not everything always goes smoothly, and falling out of love can be hard. Some fall softer or harder than others. Stolar's emotional "Suburbia" recently released via Lush Records is about just that. 

The idea of "Suburbia" flowed out all at once a few days after meeting with a girl that reminded him of his first love. That rush of emotion is a beautiful thing, and there's nothing that compares. "Suburbia" is a beautiful culmination of eclectic synths, basses, percussion, and stunning vocals that carry the emotion throughout the piece. "['Suburbia' is] really a song about the idea that no matter how different a person is from the last," states Stolar. "There is a nostalgic element to meeting someone new. For me it reminded me of a girl I couldn’t stop thinking about when I was 13 after my first show in New Jersey."

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Dance · Electro Soul · Future Bass


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