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D.A.N releases sophomore single and video "0300 (HUMAN)"

Isolation is at the core of the latest single from D.A.N. The London-based recording artist muses on insomnia and solitude in "0300 (HUMAN", accompanied by a stunning video. 

"0300 (HUMAN)" feels like it was written, mixed and recorded at the witching hour; D.A.N delivers stream-of-consciousness lyrics on a whisper, with hushed production and haunting electronics. A delicate piano riff opens and closes "0300", and the track swells with emotion. 

Similarly, D.A.N's video plays on the idea of solitude. Juxtaposed with the phrase "my silence could fill this room" is a vast landscape, empty save for D.A.N. According to D.A.N, "the video was shot in Denmark and we [myself and the crew I shot with] found these locations that felt completely isolated - these parts of Scandinavia we filmed in felt like the perfect visual match to the music." Scandinavia at twilight indeed provides a genius, minimalist setting for an equally brilliant track. 

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