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Break out the tissues for Memba and Mothica's otherworldly single "Chasing Light"

Break out the tissues, because Memba and Mothica just dropped one of the most brooding, forward-thinking future bass jams of the year. The NYC-based artists have teamed up for "Chasing Light," a gorgeous electronic number dripping with nostalgia. With its dreamy soundscapes and melancholy lyrics, it sounds like it belongs in the bitbird vein - think Taska Black meets Banks. Memba's spacey production works perfectly here alongside the ethereal vocal stylings of Mothica, who you may recognize from her hair-raising Electric Mantis collaboration "Lying & Loving." Needless to say, an EP from these two would be welcomed with open arms in the electronic community. In a press release issued for the single, she shed some light on its background and the deeper meaning behind its title.

"MEMBA's music is so colorful and my songwriting is often faded and grey, so I thought disguising some of my darkest thoughts amongst their bright sounds would be an interesting pairing. We wrote this back in October at a time where I was going out in New York a lot to avoid being alone after a relationship of mine ended. The line about 'Chasing light' is also a reference to a 'moth attracted to the light' and how that light is sometimes self-destruction."

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