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MYRNE and Gentles Bones push the pop envelope with stunning "B4NGER PROJECT"

Singapore is pumping out prodigies like a broken printer. 

MYRNE and Gentle Bones recently linked up for a full-length album called B4NGER PROJECT, and it epitomizes the augustness of the Lion City. It's a sultry song-cycle of warm future pop ballads that becomes more and more enthralling with each passing minute. The record makes use of a slew of a different genres, like R&B, electronic, ambient and even nu-disco, but it never attempts to squeeze them all together into one vociferous bass-laden monstrosity. The project remains fluid as it traverses down its clever tracklist, which incorporates the corresponding number in each song title.

In the album's titular track "B4NGER," the artists give new meaning to the word. Instead of using the dark bass patches or vicious wobbles synonymous with the word "banger" (like, Luca Lush, graves, and a number of MYRNE's collaborators do), the duo make use of buoyant bass lines and sun-kissed chord progressions to craft a memorable slice of nostalgic pop music. Perhaps most impressive are the track's distorted vocal chops, which highlight the subtle nuances of both MYNRE's virtuosic production prowess and Gentle Bones' intoxicating vocal effort. While no one can doubt MYRNE's ability in the future bass space (don't sleep on this), it's great to see him flash his versatility, and I have no doubt this project will open up a new array of fans who will be clamoring for more.

Connect with MYRNE: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Gentle Bones: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

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