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Solomonilla's new flick is straight "Gas" [Video]

Solomonilla has been on a roll in 2018, and the multitalented spitter continues rolling — both figuratively and literally — in his new music video for “Gas,” a skateboard-heavy flick featuring ‘Nilla skating down SoCal streets in his purple pants and Washington Nationals button-up.

“Gas” registers yet another big hit for Solomonilla, who absolutely murks his self-produced beat. His flow is buttery-smooth over the retro instrumental equipped with '80s-sounding synths and crispy drums. The music video, directed by Guru Media Group, perfectly captures the track’s vintage feel with some dope visuals that look half-high-def, half-VHS tape.

If you’re picking up what ‘Nilla is putting down, definitely skate on over to his SoundCloud and lend your ears to some more auditory blappery. He also has a self-produced debut project slated for release later this year, so stay awoketh for what’s sure to be a flame emoji-packed bundle of slaps.

Connect with Solomonilla: Twitter | SoundCloud | Spotify

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