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Therapy taps into the soul "Frequency" [Video]

Singer/songwriter Therapy delivers the video for her song "Frequency". The self-proclaimed one-woman band brings her own style of neo-soul/hip-hop to the forefront of this record. Over a groovy laid back soundscape which she cascades with a commanding vocal tone that switches between melody laced segments and fast-paced rap cadences, Therapy shows the listener exactly what time it is when it comes to her skillset. As the title suggests, Therapy sets the tone from the get-go with lines like  "...Here to save your soul/ But I can't fuck with them low Frequencies tho (shit)/ Gotta raise your vibration /Ain't no tellin' where your journeys... "

The visuals take the concept a step further and also adds a cinematic feel as we see Therapy waking up in a hospital (similar to 26 days later) and once she clears her head, heads out into the unknown world. "Frequency" is taken from her recently released 7 song EP entitled 'Therapy Session'. The self-taught musician derives inspiration and was once a member of the Marching 100 band during her undergrad days. Therapy performs using a loop station where she creates original compositions on-the-spot using various instruments. She lulls her fans with the flute, trumpet, didgeridoo, ocarina, and host of other instruments. The A & M University graduate has taken time to study and perfect her craft and is now ready to gift the world with new music. 

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