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Hvmmingbyrd emerge from their chrysalis with "Papillon"

Hvmmingbyrd, a dynamic duo from Ireland consisting of Deborah Byrne and Suzette Das and formed in 2016, have released their latest single "Papillon," and it's positively dreamy.

"Papillon" sees the two women really stepping into their full-bodied electronica. Speaking of the song, Deb and Suzette say, "Papillon is about us learning to give ourselves space to let ideas grow instead of forcing something that's not there - and to have fun...creating music can be incredibly joyous and life-giving, but when it consumes you, sometimes you can lose a little bit of yourself." 

Celestial harmonies are layered over a lush production. "Papillon" opens with a kind of modern Celtic hum, forth from which bursts a seriously catchy pop riff. It is a constantly building soundscape, and a clever track that gets real about the challenges of being a full-time musician.

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Dreamwave · Electronic · Electronic · Indie


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