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Brand Nu pulls no punches on "A Little Bit " [Video premiere]

Brandon Hawkins aka Brand Nu showcases his unique r&b music with the release of the visuals for his record "A Little Bit  ". As Brand Nu puts it, he wants his music to be streamed in three places: the car, the club, and the bedroom. For this track, he aims for the bedroom as the sultry track doesn't pull any punches regarding the topic at hand. Making use of a mellow, ethereal soundscape that matches the sensual mood while Brand Nu raises the heat with his no holds barred lyrics and commanding vocal delivery.  The song as Brand Nu puts it is for the addicts in the world. It tells the story of someone addicted to the pleasure of sex in particular. He further explains "...I think sex is one of the strongest drugs in the world, so I wanted to give listeners a glimpse into what goes on through the mind of someone addicted to sex..."

For the visual, Brand Nu really went the extra mile in painting a vivid picture. The set pieces are purely cinematic and the characters in it play their part well with intense passion.  Brand Nu portrays a man who is caught up in the web of a femme fatale and his own addictions and the whole affair comes to a screeching halt when... We won't spoil the fun so just sit back relax and watch the video. 

The Chi-town artist has always been influenced by music from a young age and as a young adult, church enhanced that interest, creating a passion for Brand 'Nu to see people's emotions as he performed on the stage. 
He says, "The fact that I can reach people like that... I want them [the audience] to feel my music", which furthered his passion to be an artist. His style is influenced by the bodies of work from Erykah Badu, Tank, Bilal and Beyoncé."

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