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Ray Volpe wants you to know it's a "Wet Napkin" in new single

Ray Volpe, pronounced Vol-pee, is a man of wonder and is constantly attempting to answer many of life's questions.

He also is an incredible producer known for his bass-heavy creations, and his love to do the whip. His latest release is the second single off his upcoming No Emotion Allowed EP, "Wet Napkin." Unsure exactly as to what else a wet napkin could possibly be, Ray Volpe somehow found one and recorded the discovery, inspiring the track title. 

All jokes aside, this release is complex and assembled to perfection. The song showcases his high level of sound design with massive growls and incredible drum programming. No sooner that you find yourself ready to get on the rail, Ray Volpe brings you back to earth with lovely melodic breaks. Overall we definitely love this latest release. And, fun fact, you can catch the man playing this out live on his No Emotion Allowed Tour in support of the EP. 



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