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Hot Boy Bar drops a two-piece with 'Gorillaz (Pt. 2)' and 'Y-3'

New Orleans rapper Hot Boy Bar is back with a two-piece for audiences to gawk over. The hot boy surprised us with two new fire singles this week, "Gorillaz (Pt. 2)" and "Y-3," featuring Yung Beau. This comes just a few weeks after the rapper dropped his "Brushin' Off the Pain" visual. No surprise, each track is pure heat.

The first song on the quick release is "Gorillaz (Pt. 2)," which is driven by an eerie piano loop that leers over a booming bass thump and a few trap hi-hat rolls. Lyrically, Bar hits his mark, per usual. The song is littered with braggadocio rhymes delivered through gritty confidence: "We tryin' to break records now, they be breakin' promises / They be vibin' with the cops, signin' off on documents / Like, lil boy that type of shit comes with consequence / I can see they pussy like a gynecologist.

On flip side, "Y-3" is a little more mellow, spacey. Yung Beau and Hot Boy Bar trade off bars over a vocal loop and some more trap rolls, remaining tactfully atmospheric. The song's hook is a naturally slick back-and-forth between the two rappers.

Be on the lookout from more by the Lousy Human Bastards! member in the near future.

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