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Jabbar spits pure bars on 'Brushin' Off the Pain' [Video]

At the end of last year, New Orleans hot-spitter Jabbar dropped his latest EP, Out on Bond II. The project featured six songs and an intro that showcased Jabbar's knack for straight rhyming with no love for filler – the longest track is a posse cut with fellow Lousy Human Bastards! members, while the rest of the EP gives Jabbar hardly any room for hooks or breaks. It's an engaging listen, backed with the production of Snubnose Frankenstein and drenched in the influence of 90's Cash Money Records.

Fresh off Out on Bond II comes a visual for the project's third track, "Brushin' Off the Pain." Shot by MidasGold in Bedstuy, Jabbar cruises around the city while spitting over a bass-heavy, organ-laden beat. Visual effects by Josh Guiterrez accent the video's old-school vibe while Jabbar guides his words along like butter. A fitting visual victory lap for an underrated emcee with a lot to celebrate. It's no doubt Jabbar is one of New Orleans' finest. 

Connect with Jabbar: Twitter | SoundCloud



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