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What're you doing in life if you haven't watched Charles' "Darker Shade of Green" [Video]

Do you ever watch a music video or hear a song and vibe with it, only to then check the play count and realize it's completely slept on? It's quite frustrating, no? And, on top of that, it doesn't make sense! How, you wonder, how could it be that this song is so underappreciated? Well, if you're still reading along, you could probably guess, that's how we feel about Charles and his latest video, "Darker Shade of Green."

UK singer Charles is a low key figure in the music world, at the moment. He's only released two songs thus far, and each has an accompanying video. What makes Charles' underrepresentation in the wider world of music so frustrating, though, is the level of quality he brings to his work.

Seriously, watch the above video. Not only does it fit perfectly with the theme of the song (jealousy) but the detail is phenomenal! The fashion is on point, the choreography is incredible, and even the background set is well done. Honestly, take a gander at those seated, synchronized dance moves! How many artists with two tracks and less than 200 followers on SoundCloud do you know that put this amount of effort into their videos? I'll wait. "Darker Shade of Green" feels closer to a short film than your average music video.

So how is it that someone can put all this effort into a video and not get the accolades he deserves? It's inexcusable. If you're reading this, retweet it, share it, post it, text it to your mom. Do something! Dope music like this deserves to be seen and heard.

Connect with Charles: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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