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Sangy doesn't just want to be "Mates" in new video [Premiere]


How are we already in March?! Not so long ago we were saying how January was dragging on, and now we're a quarter of the way into 2018! So far this year we've been treated to a whole host of new music hitting our ears, some hot, others not so, but we've definitely got a treat for you this week!

Today we've got the premiere of a brand new track & video from Sangy, with the very wavy "Mates." The track is an ode to lovers who fall out, say things that they don't mean to each other, and want to make up. "The tune is about when you've fallen out with your girl and said some daft stuff that you wish you hadn't, so you have to swallow your pride and say you're sorry." The joint features a really laid back beat by Love, with Sangy's auto-tuned vocals crooning over the top. The stripped back visuals are simple yet effective, capturing Sangy at home trying to smooth things over with his girl. 

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