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Introducing Qklarite and his latest single, "Dreaming"

Based in Texas but born in Nigeria, Qklarite (pronounced “Clarity”) is an interesting character in the world of hip-hop who is very much worth your time.

On “Dreaming,” Qklarite starts things off messing around with a little bit of autotune. Before too long, the horns come in, and his verse starts. There’s something nostalgic in Qklarite’s flow. He sounds a little like Perrion but with a bit more pep in his step. The beat, also produced by Q, has a rad, experimental feel to it, mixing electronic synths and horns to delivery a sunny and catchy backdrop for Q’s vocals.

While the majority of “Dreaming” is along braggadocio lines, Q makes it work with his sharp delivery and a handful of clever lines. “Never let shit slide, kinda constipated. With these bars you would think I was incarcerated,” he raps halfway through the track. But as the track approaches its end, things get interesting. With just over a minute left in the song, Q switches up the beat, as well as his flow, and cranks things up a few levels. The finale does a great job showcasing his dynamism, marking him as a talent to watch.

If you dig “Dreaming” be sure to peep his latest EP, N.U.D.E (Never underestimate deep emotions), which is out on SoundCloud now.


Connect with Qklarite: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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