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Desert Hearts' Marbs & Evan Casey collab on a dark spacey techno mix [Exclusive]

The Southern California music collective, label and festival crew known as Desert Hearts are synonymous with providing a wide spectrum of techno and house music while cultivating unique dance experiences enjoyed by fans around the world. This latest collaboration from Desert Hearts' own 'Prince of Darkness' Marbs and Evan Casey brings a more explorative darker cut to their previous work - littered with heavy beats, vintage European electronica synths, and a slick techno veneer finish. The duo really flex their ability at building a synchronized melodic set outside the realm of typical club beats and setting out to explore the varying intensities across the techno spectrum. Check out the exclusive EARMILK mix below:

For me, the mix acts kind of like a self-exploration journey that has you venturing out into the desert to find yourself and when you think you do, this kind of intergalactic introspective moment occurs and sends you traveling through the darkest reaches of space. We have that early grounded portion of the journey displayed through the use of tracks like Mapv's "f.l.o" and the afro house banger "Zed" from the Italian house duo, Moonwalk.

Then the real journey begins, and this part is actually a highlight for me, mostly because of its obscurity and if I heard it live in a set, it would be the end of me (in a good way). The mix really takes intergalactic flight when they hit us with a quick sample from "Deep Space Travels" off a video game Stellaris and composed by Andreas Waldetoft, an interactive games composer. 

A flourish of light vocal samples in "To Love Until We Say Goodbye" (The White Shadow (FR) Remix) from Marc Marzenit, some German tech house from Compact Grey and it's impossible to not lose oneself. It gets spacey and dark at times with eerie synths in Fabio Giannelli's "Canvas (Solee Remix)". This a 3-hour sonic journey featuring 30+ delicious tracks from a stellar track list of artists like Dubai techno/house Darko De Jan, Swiss tech house artist Khainz and more. Overall the mix serves as a wonderful fusion of two different DJs styles melding together to create a harmony of dark techno and spacey house sounds. Enjoy! 

This collaboration is just the latest in Evan Casey's 'Lost Dimension Mix' series. For more information; Click Here

You can also check out Marbs and other members of the Desert Hearts crew this Friday in NYC as they take over the massive 1896 Studios, curated by Teksupport. For more information; Click Here

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