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Tone Royal traverses classic movie scenes in his new animated video "Late"

Ray Villarreal AKA Tone Royal is a College Journalism student by day and an underground hip-hop artist by night. His latest effort is an animated video for his song "Late". The song is an honest look at the artist's faults and mistakes. He attempts to share the human side of rap music and how it affects different aspects of his life. The feel of the track is somber and reflective but still entertaining enough to grip the listener.

The video, however, takes it up several notches with an engaging tone. Directed and animated by Travis Sheflin, Tone Royal is transformed into a character who is put in the central role in several classic movie scenes. He’s reliving this magic movie moments that are glamorized, but no matter how great or scary the situation becomes, or how powerful the character becomes, he’s hindered by his own vices and faults. The cool thing is that he keeps adapting to the situations (scenes) he’s in. Born in San Antonio but raised in Columbus, Georgia;  Tone takes influences from his southern upbringing, mixed with the styles of classic 90’s hip-hop, to provide for a diverse, refreshing sound. wordplay, along with solid storytelling. "Late" is the title track of Tone's recently released project of the same name. Get the project on iTunes Soundcloud and Spotify .

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