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Punk Adams delivers a catchy tune about the "Corner Store"

Multi talented  artist Punk Adams newest effort is an upbeat pop influenced R&B song with a vogue undertone. Over a bouncy backdrop provided by producer Austin Marc, Punk Adams delivers a blend of melodic and rap verses that is quite catchy and alluring.  Very few can craft tunes about the corner store and Punk Adams does it effortlessly albeit from a unique viewpoint as he croons "...Everything is at the corner store/ That's where he goes when he wanna leave his home/I don't know what's there, I don't know who cares...". 

The California based act is carving his own unique niche in the alternative r&b/pop world with his offbeat, vogue influenced melodic style. Punk states confidently: "This is the start of Vogue R&B"

Get the song on Spotify here .

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