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ZAXX pushes sonic boundaries, debuts own vocals on "Belong"

20-year-old production luminary ZAXX presents his first single of 2018, the multifaceted "Belong." The single marks Greg Zaccagnino (ZAXX)'s first foray into incorporating his own vocals, and it's a strong stylistic move. 

Kicking off on a wistfully serene downtempo note, "Belong" demonstrates a myriad of tempos and moods in under four minutes. ZAXX wastes little time before kicking up a grimy REZZ-inspired electro drop, but brings it home with an uplifting finale.  "'Belong' is a track that hits really close to home for me," explains the artist. "I wrote and sang it when I wasn't sure of my direction or where I belonged musically. Out of that came a record that is really personal and special in my eyes. From the vocal, to the bass line, to the big emotional section at the end, I feel like it is a great example of where my music is headed."

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