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Porter Robinson shares Virtual Self's "Ghost Voices" video

Porter Robinson has shared the visuals to "Ghost Voices," the second single from his Virtual Self project's self-titled Virtual Self EP.  The video features much of the sacred geometry and VHS styled glitchy goodness seen on the EP art and in the debut Utopia show in a Brooklyn warehouse.  The video, directed by Porter Robinson, features cryptic messages and his Virtual Self characters Pathselector and technic_Angel being brought to life amongst a cyberpunk dystopian command center.  Like any Porter Robinson production, everything means something, and it's my guess that it will take this full Reddit thread to get to the bottom of it.

There are certain times where a creative expression transcends its medium and becomes something more.  Since emerging more than 5 years ago, Porter Robinson has captivated a cult of thousands by bringing them into his own world of beauty, darkness, and video game and anime nostalgia.  He created WORLDS, a successful album and touring project that spanned three years before teaming up with Madeon to create the official video for their collaboration "Shelter" in collaboration with anime powerhouse Crunchyroll.

And while some may be overwhelmed at the thought of how you might follow that up, Porter Robinson spawned a new project entirely.  Deeming it his Virtual Self, he released a taste of the music he didn't release during the WORLDS days. The five-track EP was teased by the "Ghost Voices" single as a purely authentic version of the dark and trancey music that won over Porter Robinson and his fans' love of electronic music in the first place.

Virtual Self will be hitting the road this year, so get your tickets and see if his show is stopping through a festival near you!

Connect with Virtual Self: Facebook | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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