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Watch Porter Robinson's masterpiece in "Shelter" short film

After the announcement of Shelter: The Animation earlier this month, Porter and Madeon fans alike have been awaiting the highly anticipated feature. Just yesterday, Porter Robinson humbly unveiled his animation project and as expected, it is an absolute spectacle. 

Porter Robinson notably holds an affinity for Japanese culture and art, as it was a reoccurring trope in his Worlds era. Through his magnum opus of the "Worlds" album, he undoubtedly re-defined electronic music. Made up of fantastical landscapes and endearing narratives, Porter's aesthetic is easily translated in sonic and visual form. With that outstanding release, he introduced the electronic scene to conceptual foundations to enigmatic sounds inspired by the likes of virtual reality, gaming and anime. 

In partnership with A-1 Pictures and Crunchy Roll, Robinson was able to fulfill a rare life long dream by producing and writing the short film for "Shelter". In the span of just 6 minutes, the short film takes viewers on an introspective escapade, contemplating the fleeting and sheer beauty of existence. 

The tale follows 17 year old Rin, who has been isolated in futuristic simulation built by her father in hopes of saving her from the end of the world. Stuck in this simulation for eternity, she is in complete control of her own perceived reality, using a tablet as a paintbrush to illustrate her surroundings. In this world, she immerses herself in an idyllic utopia, with lush spacious landscapes to roam and explore. But in the brief moments of silence and self reflections, Rin's memories begin to haunt her and remind her of how the present came to be. With flashbacks of her childhood and a reminder of the shelter she once had, Rin is both disturbed and comforted by this familiarity.

The extremely poignant storyline straddles the ideas between facing destruction or living in eternal bliss with the sacrifice of human connection. Taking the explorative themes in both Madeon's "Adventure" and Porter Robinson's "Worlds", the otherwise industry rivals have come together to give birth to not only something beautiful, but a masterpiece to make impact in the scene. The "Shelter" film, is a peak into the imaginative minds of both artists. The "Shelter" anime has deep considerations, analyzing the notion of home, love and our place in this modern world. In this, we're reminded of the beauty in loneliness by flipping it's connotation as a unified human experience felt by all. 


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