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Feel the soulful vibes and "Zone Out" with Soleil Camara

In a big city it is always tough to stand out. Hailing from Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden, Soleil Camara has fought to do just that. Recently he has taken the first steps in his career to create his debut album. His first single "Zone Out" is a lush R&B song filled with massive amounts of vibes. As I imagine the freezing temperatures of Sweden, its a wonder how one could create something so hot! With just one listen you will instantly be hooked to his masterfully composed groove and soulful vocals. 

If this is any representation of what is to come from Soleil Camara's EP, he may be sitting on a gold mine. I can't wait to hear what he has in store. Be sure to follow this artist to stay in the know for each release. 



Connect with Soleil Camara: Facebook | Soundcloud| Instagram

Hip-Hop · Main Stage


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