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Ghodsy is firing verbal cannons from within his "Fortress" [Video]

Up and coming LA act Ghodsy lunges forward with his newest record "Fortress" and it's accompanying video. The UC Berkeley graduate sure knows his onions as he blends lyrical fire power and a smooth, melody-laced hook to balance out the record. As the title suggests, the theme of the song represents the mental walls you build to guard yourself from outside talk and to grow your ideas into reality. "Fortress" uses intricate wordplay and rap themes to realize the dreams of moving to LA and embracing the lifestyle.

The video for "Fortress," directed by Wesley Quinn and shot in the Hollywood Hills, is simple, straightforward, and places central focus on the rapper in question. Playing with stories and books since he was a kid, Ghodsy aims to bring his author roots to the production and flows that he's cultivated. Ghodsy's past releases includes a YouTube freestyle to a Rick and Morty episode which garnered him some notoriety over the web. Currently, Ghodsy is in Los Angeles, recording in the studio and building his catalog. 

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