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Throw it back with the future: Kadeem Tyrell's "Let Me Know" [Video]

Coming to you all the way from South London, feast your eyeballs on Kadeem Tyrell and his latest video, “Let Me Know.” Using nothing more than some layering and a handful of props at a photo studio, Kadeem Tyrell has put together a near perfect video.


“Let Me Know” opens with Kadeem singing to the camera, only to have two more Kadeems join him on either side to handle the backup vocals. This isn’t exactly a novel trick, but when it’s paired with the simple video style and the 90s-esque direction of the song, it becomes incredibly charming. The rest of the video follows Tyrell, landing in front of various backdrops with props like plants, a chrome rotary phone, and various fruits making appearances. Again, thanks to the throwback mood set by Tyrell’s vocals, the whole thing feels very tongue and cheek, as if Kadeem is in on the joke. 

 “Let Me Know” is the second single off of Kadeem Tyrell’s upcoming EP, due out sometime this year. 


Connect with Kadeem Tyrell: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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