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ECHO traverses multiple planes on "Deep In The Night" [Video]

Electro-pop singer Echo delivers the first visual for her record "Deep In The Night". While the electro feel of the song is evident, you just can't ignore the haunting elements layered all over the record. Her perspective of romance is far from the norm which is displayed in her matured/offbeat songwriting. With her laid back, alluring vocal style she delivers subtle lines such as "...I want to feel my body floating in the milky way/I just wander around the cosmos from the other day..." towards the individual who caught her eye. In a nutshell the haunting tunes are punctuated by a mature songwriting, and Echo seems to wander in different reminiscences of a romance.

The visuals also punctuate the theme of the song. The abstract/goth influenced aesthetic brings the song full circle without going overboard with the gloomy elements. "Deep In The Night" is taken from her debut EP 'Bad Decisions' which is produced by The Toxic Avenger, Shawondasee, Noï, Sam Tiba (Club Cheval). Echo describes her music as "aerial serenades or supernatural music for sad girls". James Blake, Bon Iver, Sevdaliza or even Banks are all artists and styles encompassing its spectrum of influences. You can stream her complete EP here .

Connect with ECHO: Soundcloud | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram

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