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Blu and Exile imagine a childhood together in "Constellations" [Video]

In 2007 rapper and producer duo Blu and Exile released Below The Heavens, their first soulful, boom-bap project. 10 years later, they released In The Beginning: Before The Heavens. This latest project is filled with songs from their original sessions that never made the first album. One of the project's highlights, "Constellations," just got a creative new music video and we love it.

The track is characteristically soulful, with an old-school, bouncing hip-hop beat from Exile and an inspirational hook from Lyric Jones. Blu adds in smooth rap verses that discuss destiny and greatness. The clever visuals depict what life would have been like if Blu and Exile met as children instead of adults. In the music video, the imagined childhood friends are seen riding bikes, playing with action figures, listening to music, and even using chalk to write out the song's uplifting message: know that you're a star. Pulls on those adorable heartstrings. 

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