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Maria Kelly and Ailbhe Reddy team up for stunning collaboration "Threads"

Two of Ireland's most exciting new folk musicians have teamed up for a joint release, a co-write almost a year in the making, and it's been well worth the wait. 

After spending some time touring together last year, Maria Kelly and Ailbhe Reddy recycled some of their unfinished material to deliver "Threads, a track about the heartache of being involved in a relationship of half-commitment. If there is a catharsis to sharing experiences of heartbreak with others, these two musicians are in the business of healing the world with music. “We just continued with this theme of someone having one foot out the door and how heartbreaking that can be to experience,” says co-writer Ailbhe Reddy of the track. 

Kelly's voice is, from gentle start to haunting finish, a wholly unique sound unlike anything in the realm of today's alternative folk. She is a special musician, beautifully complimented by the equally talented Reddy, rich strings and resounding percussion that is quickly becoming a staple of her sound. "Threads" is out today via Veta Records. 

Connect with Maria Kelly: Twitter | Website | Spotify

Connect with Ailbhe Reddy: Twitter | Website | Spotify

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