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Frank Ocean's cover of "Moon River" will have you reminiscing in all kinds of ways

We woke up yesterday wondering if it was 2011, because Frank Ocean posted a cover on his Tumblr page.

The still elusive, but massively followed Ocean hasn't resurfaced with new music since the release of his single "Provider" last year among others, following the release of Blonde in 2016. 

"Moon River" is a truly iconic American song, and though it would be a lofty yet standard fare for a cover, it's perfect for Frank Ocean. Ocean has become the face of the millennial generation and their relationship with music, having an uncanny ability to project a severe intimacy across in his music. That intimacy, almost bordering on loneliness, conveys the vulnerability in our experience, a feeling felt in love. And what ever other day could you celebrate love but on Valentine's Day? "Moon River," released in 1961 as a part of the soundtrack to Breakfast At Tiffany's has conveyed similar feelings throughout history, and what a perfect opportunity for Frank Ocean to interpret that beautifully for today. 

Connect with Frank Ocean here.

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