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Drake spreads love + kindness, in video for "Gods Plan"

The internet blew up in a frenzy last month when Drake released a surprise one-two punch with his singles "Gods Plan" & "Diplomatic Immunity". Blogs went into overdrive trying to get the songs out to the public, whilst fans went crazy that the 6 God had presented us with new music. Things went up a notch just a couple of weeks ago when clips appeared online of Drizzy filming a music video at a Miami high school, followed by a trip to a local grocery store and buying everyones shopping for them.

We've now been blessed with the full video for "Gods Plan", and it's one that's meaning goes way deeper than just giving out money. We see Drake use all of his almost $1 million budget giving it out to people and families in need, and whilst this will kick up the argument 'money can't buy happiness', it's much deeper than the surface. Drake followed up the release of the video with an instagram message asking people to go out and do random acts of kindness, and to tag him in the posts so he can see the world spreading love selflessly. Peep the video for "Gods Plan" above, and if it encourages you to go out and spread love & kindness, then let us know!

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