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Big Baby Gandhi hops on a remix of Steve Lacy's "C U Girl"

After a few years of retiring from the rap game, Oakland's Big Baby Gandhi returned last year with his versatile and hard-hitting 27. The project was both loud and punchy, showcasing Big Baby Gandhi's return to rap with a sound as sharp as never before. The west coast oddity has been hard at work since his re-entry into the rap game. His new cover of Steve Lacy's "C U Girl" proves just how much he's missed having fun in the scene.

"Lying in your bed awake, I'm still dreaming / Sunlight hitting' your face you still gleamin'," Gandhi spits over a guitar strum loop and the flat percussion backed by Lacy. Gandhi weaves back and forth between a charming hook and love bars to a girl in with he's smitten. The track arrives just a few days before Valentine's Day, providing some sensual moods for the day of romance.

Gandhi's "C U Girl" cover is part of Text Me Record's Bang My Line Mixtape, which is hosted by Cellus and is streaming digitally today. The mixtape features Fat Tony, Alexandira, Lip Set and several newcomers that showcase the label's diverse casting and knack for flavor. The song will also be featured on Big Baby Gandhi's upcoming mixtape which is set to drop this summer. Catch him performing in Oakland on March 1 at Brick and Mortar.

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