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Tors remember their "Wilder Days" on new single

When music is of the soul, of the earth, we can hear it from the first note. That's the case with Tors' latest single, "Wilder Days," an ode to the youth of frontmen and Devon-born brothers Matt and Theo Weedon. The track is a spiraling swell of harmonies, giving the effect of scaling grassy planes and running through endless fields. "Wilder Days" is the personification of brotherly love, built up by all the sweet notes of nostalgia. As the Weedon's voices blend together, you find yourself darting through your own memories of carefree youth. 

"Wilder Days" shines brightest when the melody cedes control to the rhythm and boom of a becoming drum pattern. The track errs on the cinematic side, without drowning in a synthetic grandiosity. Veering and skirting, "Wilder Days" never departs from its center theme and freeing tone. The cut is arranged skillfully, meant to showcase the brothers' natural chemistry and high light each individual talent. 

Of the the track, the group says: "'Wilder Days' is a love letter to Devon and to our childhood. It was inspired in part by the scenery we grew up around (the drastic moorlands, rolling hills and rivers) and in part by brotherhood, the adventures we would have when we left the house in the morning and see how far we could go before it got dark. As we grew so did the distance so we never stopped exploring really. Then you become an adult, you move away, start working and suddenly those wilder days seem so distant. Its bittersweet, we know we can't get that time back but we don't regret a second of it, it's become who we are.”

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