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Flyer Learning debut with a bang with their self-titled album

We got hold of this new self titled  project by the 5 man band known as Flyer Learning. The Brooklyn based band is helmed by vocalist Chandanie, Alix Tucou on the Bass Trombone, Guitarist Brandon Hogstad , Jonathan Hogstad who handles the bass and drummer Adam Carlson. Known for their high energy shows throughout the boroughs of NY and their style of  blending ne0-soul hip-hop and electronic elements goes beyond any doubts once we hit the play button.

Flyer Learning's self titled debut album is a 10-track body of work that is made up of six songs and a four part poem fused within soundscape interludes and was co-produced by Greg Teves and Jonathan Hogstad. The groove-driven production that carries the album is something to note as the interlocking analog and digital synthesis takes the listening experience to a higher level. The commanding and alluring vocal tone of Chandanie is an overall highlight, but the song writing is also far from the run-of-the-mill. Throughout the project we are subjected to a myriad of sounds and vibes that run the gamut of musical periods from the 70s through to the present day. The aesthetic and overarching theme of the album is rooted in an understanding that the mainstream society offers empty promises in exchange for conformity to a sick, soulless system. Flyer Learning is the defiant act of finding one's own path within the decay - an audacious act of subversion to reclaim, rebuild, and re-mold one's soul in the machine.

Connect with  Flyer Learning : Soundcloud | Facebook |  Instagram

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