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UPRIZE brings a surreal vibe on "Let U Go"

Young, up and coming producer UPRIZE teamed up with Lowly Palace for his debut effort entitled "Let U Go." The record which starts with a rich guitar riff showcases a unique layered production technique from the young man. "Let U Go" mesmerizes the ear, bouncing between lo-fi and Eastern influence, momentarily switching up with a slick double-time tempo flip. The sole vocal sample is a haunting female voice crooning "I gotta let you go," cascading atop sonic elements vaguely reminiscent of the calming sounds of nature.

The Taiwan-born act moved to Vancouver Island, British Colombia when he was in 4th grade, where he taught himself how to produce using Ableton Launchpad at age 16. He eventually started looking deeper into the art of electronic composition while developing his own unique style and sound. UPRIZE is currently a freshman at the University of Washington and is definitely working on more music which will see the light of day sometime in 2018.

Connect with UPRIZE: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Lowly Palace: Soundcloud | FacebookTwitter | Instagram

Electronic · Lo-Fi


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