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ASTU treats us for an alluring "Staycation" and "Runaway"

We got a 2 for 1 with this newest effort from ASTU,  an Eritrean R&B/soul singer-songwriter out of Oakland, CA.  The songs are "Staycation/Runaway" and blend multiple genres from soul, R&B with down -tempo electro sensibilities. The first half of the song has a more bright, electro funk vibe to it and sees the singer being quite frankly with her significant other for a potential private getaway. She doesn't pull any punches as she sings "...Shake, shake it off, let's break the fall/ Take, take it off, we'll fuck and fake love...". The latter half which is the "Runaway" section takes a more ethereal, spacey feel to it. The tempo is turned all the way down as ASTU switches her delivery into a more sombre/icy tone as she warns "...Only fools runaway...". These songs showcase ASTU's Honest, raw lyrics are carried by synth-filled rhythms and soulful melodies.

"Staycation/Runaway"  are the singles preceding her upcoming EP entitled 'Patterns' which she describes as follows "'Patterns' is my attempt to dissect the stories my generation repeats and the lens we view love through, in hopes to break the hollow patterns that hold us back from it."  The EP is produced in its entirety by Daoud Anthony (of SABA fame).

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