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Watch Kat Cunning's romantic video "Wild Poppies"

Kat Cunning, a seasoned broadway actress, dancer, and Cirque Du Soleil performer, released the video for her ethereal pop single "Wild Poppies" with Refinery29

Cunning choreographed the video herself, and the visually stunning piece combines her dance and circus backgrounds. The song, according to Kat, is "a version of The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy doesn't come home". The lyrics are clever and poetic, invoking as lush an image as the video itself.

"Wild Poppies" is directed by D.K. Dennison and Matilda Gaona, and features the singer in an elaborately costumed, slow-motion baroque fantasy world. Cunning and her fellow dancers whirl around bathed in romantic red light and softly falling snow, conjuring up ethereal comparisons to Stevie Nicks, Alice in Wonderland, and Moulin Rouge all rolled into one incredibly polished aesthetic piece. 

Connect with Kat Cunning: Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook 

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