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Takykardia go the experimental route on "Arrhythmia"

When the title of a song references a heart condition, you need to be prepared for the resulting effect once you press the play button. The genre bending act Takykardia  deliver their latest tune titled "Arrhythmia" and it's something off kilter, soulful and laid back all at once. Starting off with an upbeat, staggered backdrop reminiscent of improvised jazz sessions, we get a glimpse of what to come but then the switch comes in and we are ushered into a mellow, soulful section with lead singer Luna displaying her unique, angelic vocals. Takykardia takes the medial term Arrhythmia ( During an arrhythmia, the heart can beat too fast, too slow, or with an irregular rhythm.) a bit too literal on the song as the dynamics move from fast to slow and goes back to being fast again while the only difference here is the rhythm is pretty regular-at least on the mellow parts of the song. 

Takykardia made up of four individuals (Luna Matz, David Nedergaard ,Thomas Cortes and Troels Dankert) is a multi genre act from Copenhagen. Their newest single "Arrhythmia" is off their upcoming EP and also the original Soundtrack of Danish/Dutch/Swedish movie "Holiday" . You can stream the audio on Spotify HERE.

Connect with  Takykardia : SoundcloudFacebook |  Instagram

Electronic · Future R&B


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