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Chris Buxton keeps putting out catchy hip-hop "Dreams"

South Carolina-based recording artist Chris Buxton just released another catchy hip-hop song. "Dreams" is a rap track that bears a hint of pop, and is another display of versatility by Chris Buxton. The Onlyxne-produced instrumental is wavy and easy, letting Buxton flex his impressive vocals in the form of a catchy hook and meaningful verses. On the chorus, he sings, "California dreams turn to money girl I don't even know you." The majority of the track reflects on this, discussing his dreams and how they relate to this girl. 

With a couple million plays on his Spotify, a consistent release pattern, and the quality of his music only getting better, it seems like Chris Buxton could be someone to look out for in 2018. His style of music is missing from the current mainstream hip-hop scene, and he already has already captured a strong group of listeners. Check out his newest track "Dreams," the first single from his upcoming project, up above. 

Connect with Chris Buxton: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram 



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