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The Commotions keep the spirit of funk alive with "Bad Girl" [Video]

Sometimes, too many cooks don't spoil anything. That's the case with 11-piece Ottawa-based band, The Commotions. The band firmly plant themselves at the intersections of jazz, soul, funk, and pure musical joy. Their energy is contagious, and their latest, "Bad Girl" is an homage to Motown by way of empowering women.

The vocals on the track are sultry and confident, they grip and dizzy the dear. But "Bad Girl" truly shines during the instrumental breaks. Colorful horns with bursting personality and syncopated percussion drive this song over the precipice of addictive. The spry and spirited quality of "Bad Girl" ensure that jazz will never die and bass grooves will always lead to fantastic singles. 

Of the track, the group said: "'Bad Girl' is a throwback funk tune paying tribute to artists such as James Brown and Tower of Power with a powerful female vocal and a punchy 5-piece horn section. Lyrically, 'Bad Girl' is about a strong confident woman who isn’t afraid to be a good girl who plays bad behind the scenes"

Connect with The Commotions: Twitter | Spotify | Instagram

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