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MTMBO dives through emotions in new soulful electronic piece "Mottingham"

If you're looking for a mid-week jam, then look no further. Today, EARMILK are introducing you to Richie Matembo, a singer-songwriter based in London, who writes soulful swarms under the guise of MTMBO. MTMBO's previous work caught the eye of indie label 37 Adventures with "The Hill". And now, he's back with his beautiful new song "Mottingham".

On "Mottingham" a carpet of rich, and warm plucked bass sets the magical tone for MTMBO's dusky, intimate, and almost conversational voice. By the same token, MTMBO's vocals unexpectedly journey, forming multiple characters. The harmonies mixed in ways that surprise, yet please the ears so well. In addition, delightful high guitar begins, to quietly drone, reverberate, swell and play. In "Mottingham" MTMBO delivers wisps of glowing light, like a flickering candle in the dark.

Connect with MTMBO: Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | SoundCloud

Electronic · Indie


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