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Ian Ewing & Strehlow drop refreshing 'Don't Ride On The Sidewalk' EP

Milwaukee producers Ian Ewing and Strehlow are no strangers to EARMILK, both delighting us with some kicked-back, mood-boosting instrumentals over the past couple of years. The two long-time collaborators just dropped off a short but super sweet EP called Don't Ride On The Sidewalk, and it's the perfect little picker-upper if you're at the 9-5 or chilling in your whip with the windows rolled down.

Don't Ride On The Sidewalk boasts two killer tracks: "Ice Creams" and "Too Cool." Both joints feature some ridiculously silky vocals from singer SunBLVD, plus soothing keys, synths and delectable claps that melt in your mouth.

If you're funkin' with Don't Ride On The Sidewalk, definitely peep out Ian's previous work with SunBLVD and Streh's "Give You Anything" record for more electrifying MKE slappy juice.

Connect with Ian Ewing: SoundCloud | Twitter | Spotify

Connect with Strehlow: SoundCloud | Twitter | Spotify


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